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Amy Bielby, Managing Editor, ParentsCanada

Amy Bielby, Managing Editor, ParentsCanada

On September 7th, 2011, I welcomed my first child into the world. Eleanor arrived nine weeks early and is now a happy, healthy one-year-old, filled with personality. This means I am entering the toddler years…yikes! Starting solids, managing temper tantrums and (hopefully soon!) toilet training. Follow along as I enter into uncharted toddler territory.

Articles Written

  • Why my kiddo will be an only child

    Why my kiddo will be an only child

    After a battle with infertility, it's official; I am officially and permanently mom-of-one.

  • Lice aren't nice

    Lice aren't nice

    A few hours before a 40-hour road trip, I discovered my toddler had lice. Gross.

  • Toddler road trip: six lessons learned

    Toddler road trip: six lessons learned

    After my first honest-to-goodness road trip with my toddler, I learned six important rules of the road.

  • The sudden stutterer

    The sudden stutterer

    I was greeted at the airport after a week-long trip and noticed something immediately. In the seven days I had been gone, my two-and-a-half year old had developed quite a stutter.

  • Hoarder is a strong word

    Hoarder is a strong word

    I’m not a hoarder. I’m a collector of memories. Right. That sounds much better.

  • Not Guilty!

    Not Guilty!

    I don’t suffer from mom guilt when I go out without my daughter. And I sometimes feel guilty about that.

  • Goodbye bathroom privacy

    Goodbye bathroom privacy

    I still maintain my privacy when it comes to my husband, however, standing my ground with my two-year-old is an entirely different story.

  • My first solo trip

    My first solo trip

    I had the opportunity to visit Turks and Caicos…without my kiddo or husband.

  • Please be a tomboy

    Please be a tomboy

    I always wanted a girl. I just want her to be a tomboy.

  • Everybody poops, just not in the living room

    Everybody poops, just not in the living room

    Everybody poops. Just not in the living room.

  • The whole tooth

    The whole tooth

    Teething tips, from one mom to another.

  • Those three little words

    Those three little words

    Eleanor finally says, "I love you". Almost.

  • The first haircut is the deepest

    The first haircut is the deepest

    Eleanor (and I) survive her first haircut.

  • Happy new year

    Happy new year

    With a new year comes a new set of goals. What will yours be?

  • The shopping procrastinator

    The shopping procrastinator

    Christmas is almost here, but shopping is just beginning. What do you buy a 15-month-old, anyway?

  • Creating Christmas traditions

    Creating Christmas traditions

    It's never too early to introduce your child to your Christmas traditions.

  • The early bird

    The early bird

    Eleanor was born nine weeks early and I'll be thinking about her hospital stay on November 17th--World Prematurity Day.

  • Making the comparison

    Making the comparison

    The other day a woman told me Eleanor is too small compared to other kids. Why do we constantly have to compare our children?

  • Eleanor finally says mom

    Eleanor finally says mom

    As a new mom, I have enjoyed all of Eleanor’s ‘firsts’. But the one I had really been looking forward to was her first word.

  • Celebrating one year

    Celebrating one year

    Because Eleanor spent her first five weeks of life in the hospital, I sometimes celebrate milestones with more pomp and circumstance than necessary. But a first birthday? Surely this called for a major celebration.

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