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Five Great Gifts For Traveling with Babies and Toddlers – By Corrine McDermott Travel Counsellor Specializing in Family Vacation

Maybe you’re escaping the nuttiness of the holiday season, or maybe your reward for surviving it will be a family escape from the snow later on in the New Year.  Either way, you’ll need some baby travel gear, and here are five practical and fun gift ideas for babies and toddlers, and the parents who’ll be traveling with them!

7 Ways to Budget with a Baby by Frugalmomeh.com

As a first time parent I found myself wanting everything on the shelves for my little one.  I also quickly suffered from sticker shock while registering for my baby shower!  I've made a few mistakes as purchases go but I've found several tricks to having a baby while still living frugally.

5 Holiday Vacation Planning Tips – By Corinne McDermott, Travel Counsellor Specializing in Family Vacations

So, are you going away anywhere for the holidays?

Yes, of course I realize we’re only just tidying up the smashed pumpkin from the driveway, but the reality is if you hope to get the best deal or the most options, you should have been planning this year’s getaway as early as last year.


Welcome To Sweet Deals

Hi, my name is Adam Henechowicz and I am one of the founders of ParentsCanada Sweet Deals (PCSD).  Since we launched PCSD back in November 2011, we have been talking about engaging our audience on many levels with the ultimate goal of bringing you the best parent-focused deals. 

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