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Allergies Or Hay Fever? We Asked An Expert

Our 12-year-old gets really stuffed up and sneezy every year at the end of the summer into September. Is there anything we can do to prevent the onset of symptoms?

How to handle your child’s eczema

Does winter bring on the itch? Here’s how to tell if your little one has eczema, and how to handle it.

Ask Dr. Marla: Is there a connection between eczema and dairy allergy or intolerance?

My friend’s daughter had bad eczema and it went away when they switched to lactose-free dairy products. Does dairy make eczema worse?

Handling food allergies in high school

When kids with allergies hit high school, they're on their own.

How to eat gluten-free, by choice or necessity

Coping with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease is the new norm for many parents. What’s it all mean?

How to keep summer allergies at bay

For parents of children with allergies, the summer can prove difficult. Here are tips to keep control of your child's allergies over the summer.

Ask Dr. Marla: Can I use other nut spreads when the school has a no-nuts policy?

My kids’ school has a no-nuts policy, but I thought kids with peanut allergies are not usually allergic to tree nuts. Can I use other nut spreads like almond butter in my kid’s lunch?

Some food allergies are linked to pollen

Some food allergies are linked to pollen. Watch for signs.

Vitamin D and probiotics may help prevent food allergies

there has been some promising research linking simple precautionary measures to a decreased incidence of food allergies and eczema.

Ask Dr. Marla: My daughter has dark circles under her eyes

Question: My daughter has dark circles under her eyes, but she gets enough sleep. Is there another reason for this? Answer: Dark circles under the eye may be present due to a combination of factors and have nothing to do with sleep  at all! Factors such as thin skin, pigmentation secondary to the sun,...

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