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Ask Dr. Marla: Milk production after weaning

The answer to this question in a word is – variable!

Ask Dr. Marla: Why homemade formula isn’t safe

I think we all agree that the best so-called homemade formula is breast milk.

Ask Dr. Marla: Fussy baby? Skip the gripe water

Gripe water is a liquid that is often used for reasons ranging from colic and stomach upset to teething pain.


Ask Dr. Marla: Adults and measles immunity

I understand vaccines can wear off in some adults. How do I tell if I need a booster shot for measles?

Find a new family doctor in your city

Finding a new doctor can be extremely challenging when moving to a new city. Start your search here with this list of provincial organizations and their websites that aide in finding health care for you and your family.

Ask Dr. Marla: Why Rs are hard to say

It is one of the later sounds that many children develop and it is not unusual to still have some difficulty at age five.

Ask Dr. Marla: Finding a new doctor after you move

We’re moving to another city in Canada. What ’s the best way to find a new family doctor?

Ask Dr. Marla: Vaccinations for travellers

With any travel, you should see your health care professional in advance to review your vaccines and what is recommended or required for the area you are going to be in.

Ask Dr. Marla: Why is my daughter’s tongue white?

Simple things like a dry mouth or dehydration can give that appearance, as can alcohol and smoking.


Ask Dr. Marla: How do I keep my toddler’s toenails healthy?

My podiatrist colleagues tell me that you can either file or trim a detached part of the nail. In addition you might want to protect the nail by covering it.


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