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Tips for baby’s first flight

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, talks about tips when you go on a flight with a baby.

Babies learn to speak at different ages – don’t worry

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, talks about factors that might cause your baby to learn to speak at a later age and how to deal with it.

Behind the scenes with ParentsCanada Magazine’s May-June issue

It can be tough to work with models, especially when they're pint-sized, but our May/June cover model Eden was a natural.

Getting fit with your baby

Andrea Page, a pre-and post-natal fitness coach and founder of FitMom, shares simple tips and demonstrates exercises to help new moms introduce fitness to their babies from an early age.

Tips for finding a pediatrician and preparing for your child’s visit

Dr. Mickey Lester, Pediatrician and Author of "Say Aaah", talks about the main differences between family doctor and pediatrician, tips for finding a pediatrician, preparation tips for a child's doctor's appointment and tips for new parents when taking your baby to the doctor.

How to massage your baby

Watch Nicole Nifo, Registered Massage Therapist, show you how to massage your baby, what to watch out for and the benefits of each technique.

How to change your baby’s diaper

Know when and how to change the diaper for your baby boy or girl.

Baby’s hunger cues

Here we show you how to know when your baby is crying because he or she is hungry.

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