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10 ways to boost your child’s brain power through play

Play is not only fun for your baby, but it’s good for brain development, too.

An age-by-age guide to coping with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is normal for babies and small children In the first two to three months. Here's how to deal as they grow older.

Is It OK To Let Your Baby Cry It Out?

There's a lot of opinions when it comes to letting a baby cry it out. Two moms and an expert weigh in.

4 ways to help kids cope with needles

It’s always tough to see your little ones get shots at the doctor’s office, but we’ve got tips for helping with the discomfort.

Our top tips for new parents

You’ve got this! Don’t overthink it, use your common sense, and get some sleep.

Can a baby steer social change?

Roots of Empathy program benefits students as well as babies.

Help Me Sara: Do I need a routine for my baby?

Everyone wants to know when your baby eats, sleeps and poops. Don’t let schedules and lists stress you out.

Proper eating habits start early

Avoid mealtime meltdowns by encouraging good eating habits from day one.

The 7 gross things your kid is bound to do

Sure there’s nose picking, but aside from that your little one will find more ways to gross you out before they reach their fifth birthday. Here are a few you can expect to come your way.

How to bond with your baby

Bonding is the long-term relationship built between parents and their infant. Though it would seem like something that happens instantly, it's not always the case.

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