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Step-by-step guide to diapering your baby

Alison Gilmour, a mother of four and the Nursing Unit Administrator in the Women and Infants Ambulatory Health Program at Mout Sinai Hospital in Toronto, compiled step-by-step instructions for Best Wishes on how to get the job done right. 

How to deal with a colicky baby

The sound of a wailing baby is distressing at the best of times, but what about when there is no obvious trigger.

Momsense: Baby massages can help your infant digest and sleep

The art of massage isn’t just for injured athletes or stress-filled office workers. Babies can benefit too.

How to massage your baby

Watch Nicole Nifo, Registered Massage Therapist, show you how to massage your baby, what to watch out for and the benefits of each technique.

Holding your baby

We give new parents tips on a few ways they can hold their baby to make sure he or she is comfortable.

How to change your baby’s diaper

Know when and how to change the diaper for your baby boy or girl.

Toilet Training Before Verbal Skill Development

For some families, toilet training comes early. The stinky perils of diapers and potty training are something that we usually accept is part of raising a child. But a movement of dedicated parents is starting to skip that step, learning to interpret the signals that their child has to poop or...

Baby Massage

“When I massaged Hunter he wouldn’t squirm. He became so relaxed that he would often pass gas!” says Hunter’s mom, Jennifer Pinder of Hamilton, Ontario. “Taking infant massage classes was an opportunity for me to get out of the house and to bond with Hunter. I thought the classes...

Caring for Baby’s Skin

As your baby enters the world, the skin is likely to display markings that might seem alarming to a new parent, but are usually harmless. These symptoms are an indicator of the skin’s vital role as a mediator to the profound changes of her new environment. The following conditions are...

Diaper Rash

WHAT IS DIAPER RASH? Diaper rash is irritated skin. It may be mildly red and scaly, or severe if it becomes infected. DIAPER RASH CAN BE CAUSED BY: friction of the diaper rubbing against the skin overly snug diapers wet diapers left on too long pee and poop that can ‘burn’ the...

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