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Finding your place as a grandparent in a millennial world

Kathy Buckworth reflects on her role as grandma and how the world of parenting has changed since her kids, well, didn't have kids.

Baby Basics

If you feel like you’re examining your kiddo 24/7, don’t worry. You’ll feel better when you realize that everything is “normal” when it comes to how your baby looks, moves, sounds, eats and sleeps.

What to Expect When Your Baby Starts Talking

Much like taking those first steps, kids will say their first words in their own time. That first sweet, intelligible word will likely show up between nine and 12 months, with a few more words to follow in the months after.

What To Expect When Your Baby Starts Walking

Learning to walk is a process. Your baby will start by "cruising" along furniture with their hand on something to steady them. From there comes tentative steps. Get ready, your little one is on the move.

Newborn Care How-To’s

Congrats on your new baby. Many first-time parents haven’t had experience around infants, but they learn quickly by following some of these techniques.

Do Babies Dream? And 10 Other Newborn Questions Answered

Now that your little bundle has arrived, welcome to the baffling world of parenting and searching for answers to random questions for the rest of time. We’ve got the answers to 11 newborn queries you’ve no doubt already considered. Do babies dream? You’re bound to notice smiles, sighs, twitching limbs or...

Signs and symptoms of infant hearing loss

Infant hearing loss signs can vary by age. We talked to parents and experts for more info on learning the signs and symptoms.

Options for Treating Flat-Head Syndrome

Nobody’s head is perfectly symmetrical, but what do you do if your baby’s head is flat on one side? Flat-head syndrome isn't totally uncommon, here's what you need to know.

Is baby talk good for babies?

Are you holding your “wittle babeeeee” back by being too cutesy? We asked an expert.

First-Year Milestones: What to Watch For

Growing comes in leaps and bounds during your child's first year. They'll go from cute, sleepy newborn to active, babbling babies. We’ve collected the milestone info you’ll need as the months fly by.

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