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When to give your baby solid foods

There seems to be a lot of confusion around when to start feeding solid food to babies. We asked a doctor to clear it up.

Diversify your baby’s food palate

It’s exciting when your child starts eating solid foods; that first foray into real meals opens up a world of culinary possibilities.

Book review: Cookbook for Weaners

Cookbook for Weaners, by Melissa Gunning and Jennifer House MSc, RD, takes the guesswork out of food prep for little ones.

Roasted cinnamon sweet potato fries

Norrie loves oven baked sweet potato fries, dusted with cinnamon; ensure they don’t bake so long that they develop hard, crispy ends.

Cheesy polenta sticks for your baby

Soft polenta sticks are easy for little hands to grab and chew (they may have as much fun squishing them as they do eating them!)

Everything you need to know about baby feeding

Breasts and bottles and babies, oh my! When it comes to feeding, what’s a mom to do?

Ask the expert: Why did Health Canada change its recommendations for baby’s first food?

I read recently that Health Canada has changed its recommendations for baby’s first food from rice cereal to meats and meat alternatives. Why is that?

Barley banana bread

A good, basic banana bread recipe is indispensable when you have little ones in the house.

Baby biscotti

Long, hard biscotti are perfect for little hands to grab and nibble.

Smashed baby burgers

Planning a family BBQ? Don't leave your littlest eaters out with this great recipe for smashed baby burgers from Cookbook for Weaners.

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