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Ask Dr. Marla: Should we ‘demand feed’ our baby?

We are feeding our baby “on demand”. Sometimes she just doesn’t seem that hungry. Is there a certain amount that babies HAVE to eat to be healthy and stay hydrated?

Vitamin D and probiotics may help prevent food allergies

there has been some promising research linking simple precautionary measures to a decreased incidence of food allergies and eczema.

3 Must-have products to make your own baby food

We’ve rounded up a few new products to take the mess – and stress! – out of your little one’s next meal.

Should babies go on diets?

A chubby baby isn't necessarily a healthy baby, according to a new study.

Starting solid foods is a big step

If your baby is eyeing your food, sitting up on her own or even reaching for food, she may be telling you she is ready to try solids. There are many ways to decide if your infant is ready to take a bite out of solids. From a nutritional standpoint,...

Types of Infant Formula

Cow’s milk-based infant formula This is the most common type of infant formula. It is used for babies who are not allergic to cow’s milk and who can digest lactose (milk sugar). Soy-based infant formula This type of infant formula is suitable for babies whose families follow a vegetarian or vegan diet....

How To Feed Your Baby From A Bottle

Hold your baby close when you give her a bottle. Hold your baby’s back and neck straight, just as you would if you were breastfeeding your baby. Holding and cuddling your baby is important for her to know she is loved. Her head should be tipped back, just a...

Yummy Rice Pudding

Finely grated apple and mashed banana add the perfect level of sweetness for tiny palates. Serve this sweet treat warm, at room temperature or cold, depending on your baby’s preference. This recipe is a source of iron, which is a factor in red blood cell formation. Gradual introduction of...

Avocado Banana Rice Mash

The mild flavours and creamy textures of avocado and banana team up in this simple mash that is sweetened with a little applesauce and fortified with cooked rice. Keep in mind that the mash does discolour as the avocado and bananas oxidize but it won’t affect the flavour or...

Baby Congee

This savoury rice porridge contains many of the ingredients that baby needs to get through the day. Adding scant amounts of ginger, garlic and chicken to mild rice is a great way to introduce new flavors to your baby. The oil in this recipe is a good source of...

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