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Baby’s Brain Begins Now

Brain development and DHA go together.

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Benefits of skin-to-skin contact

The feeling of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is unforgettable providing many benefits, from the physical to the psychological for both Baby and Mom.

The importance of hugging

Dr. Christine Chambers and Dr.Marsha Campbell-Yeo are experts when it comes to skin-to-skin contact. Here’s what they had to say.

Bonding with Dad

Moms often have more bonding opportunities, especially if they are breastfeeding. But there are plenty of opportunities for Dad to bond with Baby, too.

What to do if your baby is tongue tied

Often tongue tie may persist without immediately noticeable symptoms. However, as your child grows, it may affect speech, oral hygiene (due to not being able to use the tongue to clear debris from the teeth and gums), licking movements (like moistening the lips) or even playing an instrument.

Tips to survive a hospital stay

If your child begins to show symptoms of being seriously under the weather, the following details will be helpful if you have to go to the hospital.

How to navigate a hospital stay to help your little one

A hospital stay when your child is sick or injured can be a challenging time. With preparation and patience, you will hopefully get through this tough period on to happier days.

Understanding immunization

We asked Dr. Upton Allen, Division Head of Infectious Diseases at Sick Kids Hospital, to go over some of the finer points.

Babies learn to speak at different ages – don’t worry

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, talks about factors that might cause your baby to learn to speak at a later age and how to deal with it.

Don’t judge a little baby fat

So it begs the question: Is there a ‘normal’ weight for babies? It’s not that simple, says Dr. Dina Kulik, a mom of three and pediatrician at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital.

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