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How to survive your maternity leave

How to handle the maternity leave “vacation”.

Is it hard for postnatal moms to get the nutrition they need?

Registered Dietitian Rosie Schwartz weighs in.

Fitting a shower into your busy schedule

4 tactics for shower-deprived moms.

The mommy brain myth

Stories like Sheri’s are commonly divulged in mom groups as examples of “mommy brain”– the idea that motherhood saps our sanity and smarts.

How to baby-proof your relationship


Having a couple-centered marriage is key to maintaining your relationship after baby.

The importance and impact of Mom’s groups

An up close look at a Mommy Connections group and how it helps new moms address the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies having a baby.

Is that ‘perfect mom’ out there?

In our Mom and Baby session the other day there was a presenter that joined us sharing her personal experience with the "perfect mom myth!"

Everything you need to know about baby feeding

Breasts and bottles and babies, oh my! When it comes to feeding, what’s a mom to do?

Help me Sara: How to bridge the transition from couple to parents

Our first child was born two months ago and I feel as if my husband and I have been drifting apart. Is this normal and what can we do to feel more connected in the months to come? Help me Sara!

Creating a Mother’s Helper Basket

I was talking with the women in my prenatal group the other day about how to handle all the visitors after giving birth. This time I created a Mom’s Helper Basket.

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