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My favourite games for three- to six-month-old babies

Fun games for babies that are 3-6 months old.

Getting fit with your baby

Andrea Page, a pre-and post-natal fitness coach and founder of FitMom, shares simple tips and demonstrates exercises to help new moms introduce fitness to their babies from an early age.

Mom & Baby Program Spruce Grove

We're two weeks into my first program as a Mommy Connections Director! I couldn't ask for a better group of mamas and babes! Last week we visited Ward School of Dance for an Intellidance demonstration (which the babies LOVED) and this morning we met at Time Out Beauty Retreat! I'm...

Babies need more physical fitness

New guidelines note that even babies need to move more.

Playing Without Toys

Stumped for ways to play with your little ones? Check out these age-appropriate, play-anywhere activities.  Under age one: Senses are the primary source of learning in their first year. Peek A Boo: hide behind a pillow or scarf and then surprise your little one Good for: developing visual discrimination Massage: smooth grapeseed...

Mini Movember: Show us your Mo’s!

This month we want you to show us your child’s best moustache!  In honour of Movember and men’s health awareness, we've launched this month’s initiative, ‘Mini Movember.’  During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches...

Starting Swimming Lessons

We’ve all seen the magical videos: babies floating along underwater, eyes wide open, looking ethereal and calm as they wiggle a few short feet in the pool and pop their heads up out of the water. Are they actually swimming? Can infants be taught how to swim? And if so,...

The Business of Play

Children just seem to know right from the beginning that play is central to their growth and learning. Play is not a waste of time. It is the central business of childhood. Play is good for children. And the best part is that play is its own reward. Play...

Children’s creative play

Children use different materials and create new things that represent people, things, places and events. This kind of play is the most common form of play in preschool children.

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