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Car Seat Safety Checklist

Here at Diono, our top focus is always your little one’s safety. There are many resources for keeping your child safe while riding in their car seat, but we broke it down with a simple checklist for you to follow!
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Tips for leaving your baby with a sitter overnight

Leaving your little one with a sitter for the night doesn’t have to be tough.

How do you know if you need to replace your child’s car seat after your vehicle has been in a crash?

Diono's Crash Course - what to do with your car seat if you've been in one.

How do I love the Diono Rainer car seat? Let me count the ways…

One of the biggest purchases parents make when it comes to their infant is their car seat.  With so many choices out there it can be overwhelming to try and sort through them all.  With three kids all still in car seats, and two vehicles I have done my fair share of car seat shopping over the last five years.

Creating a safe sleep environment

Dr. Nicky Cohen says the optimal sleep environment should be dark and quiet.

Moving into a “big boy” car seat

Well that went fast. Magnus just turned six months and already he has hit his weight and height limit on the bucket seat! I make big humans, there's no doubt about that. So it was time to move Magnus into a "big boy" car seat, as we call it....

Can you install a car seat too tightly?

How tight is too tight? Some child passenger safety technicians have contacted Diono and other child restraint manufacturers and asked how tight is too tight to install a car seats.

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10 Things to consider before buying a car seat

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Time for a new car seat!

Through my research, the Diono car seat kept coming up as the top choice. When I had the opportunity to try out the Diono car seat, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

Day to Day with my Diono Rainier Car Seat

After spending a month with the Diono Rainier Car Seat, here's why I love it...

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