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How To Help Babies Get More Sleep

Are you the sleep-deprived parent of a newborn? Welcome to the club. Good news: There are things you can do to help.

The important role naps play in a child’s development: an age-by-age guide

Sleep is a vital part of childhood development. So are naps. Here's what you need to know, from A to Zzzzzz.

Parents concerned with flat head syndrome ignoring important SIDS precautions

Problems associated with plagiocephaly (also known as flat head syndrome) include developmental delay, physical appearance (for some children it can mean their ears or eyes are out of alignment), difficulty fitting into bike, snowboard or hockey helmets, and potential teasing due to looking different.

Our top tips for new parents

You’ve got this! Don’t overthink it, use your common sense, and get some sleep.

Creating a safe sleep environment

Dr. Nicky Cohen says the optimal sleep environment should be dark and quiet.

Ask The Sleep Expert: Mixing Up Days and Nights

If your baby is more active during the night, try increasing his wakeful time during the day and expose him to daytime light, especially early morning natural light.

Ask Dr. Marla – How should I lay my baby to sleep?

This is a very important question. While we do not know the exact causes of SIDS, we do know that sleep position is critical for decreasing the risk. 

Ask Dr. Marla: What can I to help my nine-week-old have a regular sleeping pattern?

I am still having challenges regarding my nine-week-old’s sleeping pattern. If he naps in my arms and then I put him down, he will wake up right away and then he fusses and cries before he goes back to sleep. What can I do?

Good Night Sleep Site can help toddlers having trouble sleeping

Good Night Sleep Site can provide you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or toddler with their sleep needs.

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