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How to Help a Teething Baby—Naturally

You can’t avoid teething! But you can make it easier on your little one with age-old tips and tricks to soothe sore gums.

Caring For Your Baby’s Primary Teeth

Start your child off with good dental habits—even before a tooth makes its grand appearance—to help keep their teeth healthy, strong and protected for decades to come.

What to expect on your baby’s first visit to the dentist

As soon as you see teeth, book that first appointment.

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

Covered in drool? Your little one might be teething.  Most babies start teething around six months of age, but early bloomers may start as early as three months. Some won’t start teething until they are a year old. The two bottom front teeth usually come in first, followed by the...

Baby Teeth

The facts:  As a rule, teeth in the lower jaw arrive ahead of teeth in the upper jaw. Girls often get those first teeth - and also lose their baby teeth - earlier than boys. The first tooth will start to appear in most babies at 6 to 7 months of...

Brushing and flossing

Oral cleansing may begin even before your baby's teeth start to erupt. Wipe the gums with a clean piece of gauze after each bottle or breast feeding. This not only cleans the mouth, but it accustoms your baby to oral cleaning procedures at an early age. The change from...

Regular dental visits for children

Although most children have all their baby teeth by age 21/2, the first dental visit should be planned within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or one year of age at the latest. From the age of 3, the best program for your child is twice-yearly dental...

Ask Dr. Marla: Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth

Question: How should I care for my baby’s teeth? Answer: You have asked a really important question. Teeth should be cleaned as soon as they begin to show in the mouth. The age of eruption is quite variable and differs from child to child. I asked my colleague, Dr. Mindy Cash-Golosky at...

Tooth and Consequences

TOOTH TRUTHS • Teething can begin as early as three months, but usually occurs between the ages of six to seven months. Some babies won’t get their teeth until close to their first birthday. • The lower central incisors usually appear first and are often followed by the upper central incisors...

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