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Pipe cleaner pencil toppers

Proven fact: school work is more fun when there's a fuzzy, twisty, googly-eyed monster sitting proudly atop your pencil. Gather your supplies, it's time for arts and crafts. 

All Aboard: Boxcar train pencil holder

Build a creative space for kids with this tabletop train set.

Secret storage box

Hide your keepsakes in a place no one will be able to find them.

Pretty pencil holder

Hold all your school supplies in this pencil holder.

Autumn leaves bookmark

Hold your place in your favourite book with this autumn-inspired bookmark.

Bulletin Board

Use this denim memo board to store markers and remind your child of up coming events. You'll Need Old jeans Bulletin board Scissors Spray adhesive White glue ...

Study Carrel

When workspace is at a premium, set up this board anywhere for instant privacy. YOU’LL NEED: a folding presentation board cork squares (we used 4) a wipeboard/dry erase calendar a calculator storage boxes ...

Score Board

Organize medals and ribbons on a hockey-themed bulletin board. YOU’LL NEED: bulletin board 2 pencil holders blue and red electrical tape foam letters push pins small round black magnets ...

Supply Holder

A former pant leg turns a tin can into a creative way to store homework supplies. You'll Need Old jeans Scissors Spray adhesive Scrapbooking decals Empty wide can Instructions ...

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