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Everything you’ll need for back-to-school 2017

Send them back to class with the newest gear, gadgets and fun food ideas for their new school season.

Six ways to get your child ready for middle school

It’s a big leap from elementary school to junior high school.

Products to help make lunches a little easier

We chose a few of our favourite things to help make back-to-school lunches even more fun!

The coolest back-to-school supplies

Ring the bell. Class is in session.

5 School trends that might not work for your child

Here's how to sort out your child's education.

School advice from parents who have been there, done that

Ever get the feeling that parents of older children know the secrets to school success? We poured them a coffee and asked them to spill the beans.

Our favourite back-to-school accessories

We've rounded up the best of back-to-school products your family will love.

How to pick a backpack for your child

Ill-fitting backpacks can cause backache and neck and shoulder pain.

Make shopping for school supplies a breeze

Need help with your back to school list? These great products are sure to get your kids pumped for class.

How to keep your children organized

Save yourself some stress and help your kids be organized.

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