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Help kids learn to cope with stress

Kids get anxious. Hard stop. But news flash: cortisol (some, anyway) isn’t only inevitable, it’s good for everyone. It’s all about healthy ways to deal.

Pandemic Back-to-School Plans by Province

The 2020/2021 school year will be monumental for public education in Canada: Due to COVID-19, provincial governments, school boards and parents alike have been tasked with the extremely difficult decision of choosing between homeschooling, remote/distance learning, in-school learning and even hybrid options.

Back to School Safety and the Rule of Two

Parents have so many questions and concerns about what back to school looks like this year, in every corner of the country. Dr. Edith Hui weighs in on what we can do to help our kids stay safe.

Go back to school naturally with Homeocan

Back to school is an important time in the life of a child. To avoid small ailments that come with going back to class, we've rounded up these natural remedies perfect for kiddos and parents, too.

Why you should increase how often you walk your kids to school

Increasing how often you walk your kids to school, even just a bit, makes a huge difference.

Back-to-School Jitters: Shyness or Anxiety?

Going back to school is exciting for many kids, but for others, just thinking about school can trigger social anxiety.

Lice Happens. Here’s How To Treat It

You need to share at school, and, unfortunately, that can mean pesky lice. Here's how to combat an outbreak.

The basics kids need to know when walking to and from school alone

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, talks about what you need to know to feel safe letting your child walk alone to and from school.

How to pick a backpack for your child

Ill-fitting backpacks can cause backache and neck and shoulder pain.

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