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Help kids learn to cope with stress

Kids get anxious. Hard stop. But news flash: cortisol (some, anyway) isn’t only inevitable, it’s good for everyone. It’s all about healthy ways to deal.

Is It OK To Take Over Your Kids’ Homework?

Is it helpful to step in and takeover homework for your kids? It's a contentious topic. We asked two parents and an expert.

Make reading fun for your school-aged child

Put down the flash cards and make reading fun with these simple doctor-approved tactics.

Navigating your child’s ADHD diagnosis

It may be part of your family, but ADHD doesn’t need to define your child.

Back-to-school themed books

It's time to hit the books again, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing! Here are some fun pages to get your kids back in the swing of things.

Why it’s ok if your child is a late learner

Some kids just don’t show interest in learning letters, colours and shapes.

Tips for parents whose children suffer from perfectionism

When children – and more often girls – hold themselves to too high a standard, mental health issues can be the result.

Tips to remember for kids who forget

As your kids get older and take on more responsibility, they will still need reminders.

How environmental print can help build early reading skills

It’s a common question from parents of preschoolers: “Does my child need to be able to print his or her name before starting kindergarten?”

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