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Free 2019 Printable Calendar

New year, new you. It's a fresh start, so get organized c/o this chic printable calendar. The whole year is at your fingertips with room for notes. You've got this. 

7 things to buy at IKEA for back-to-school

Sure, you go for the inexpensive stuffies, a new duvet cover and maybe some meatballs, but while you’re there, IKEA has some great products for your favourite time of the year.

How to help your child handle stage fright

Kids often get nervous in front of crowds, but facing the fear can help.

Six ways to get your child ready for middle school

It’s a big leap from elementary school to junior high school.

Tips for parents whose children suffer from perfectionism

When children – and more often girls – hold themselves to too high a standard, mental health issues can be the result.

The coolest back-to-school supplies

Ring the bell. Class is in session.

The benefits of mindfulness in the classroom

In the quest to teach the three Rs, are we missing out on compassion? How B.C. schools are taking the lead on mindful classrooms.

Find the extra curricular activity that fits your kid

Move over hockey and dance. Today’s kids have loads of unique and fun ways to keep their bodies and minds active.

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