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5 Simple Ways To Live More Sustainably

Learning to live sustainably isn't just an aesthetic choice with bamboo lids and metal straws (it can be, though). It's a conscious lifestyle.

Sticky Rosemary Balsamic Easter Ham

Baked ham is classic Easter fare, and perfect for serving a crowd; it's just as delicious hot as it is at room temperature, is easy to plunk on a buffet table, and is as well suited to brunch as it is to a fancy dinner.

Fruity Multigrain Waffles

A good multigrain waffle recipe is indispensable. They freeze easily and are quickly thawed in the toaster or microwave on rushed weekday mornings.

Puffed Apple Pancake

A crisp, puffed pancake filled with sauteed apples makes you the champion of brunch. Don't just save this baby for holidays, it's weekend-ready.

How to Pack a Winter Picnic

Winter is a great time to pack a picnic—here are some tips to packing food for a comforting après-outdoor time meal.

Tips to help make co-parenting work

Every once in a while you see a family who totally got it right and you just want to shout to the world. Why is this so hard?!

Spooky Eyeball Doughnuts

Check out your new fave party trick. These spooky treats are made with store-bought doughnuts, making them such a simple but scary Halloween dessert!

Grilled peach trifle with lemon buttermilk cake

Layers of lemony sponge cake, a slight tang of buttermilk, with whipped cream, almonds and fresh grilled peaches! These are the flavours of summer! 

Corn Fritters with Chili-honey Butter

It's Super Bowl weekend! A batch of warm corn fritters doused in spicy honey butter is about as good as it gets - whether or not there's a game on TV. With these on the table, everyone may just forget about the game.

Bluebarb Turnovers

Frozen puff pastry makes turnovers easy - and blueberries go so well with rhubarb tucked inside.

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