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How parents can trigger eating disorders without even knowing it

Showering kids with certain compliments may actually lower their self-esteem.


Body image issues can affect even young schoolagers

Body image issues are no longer just for teens.

Ask Dr. Marla: My 12-year old daughter has adopted our diet model

My husband and I are trying to eat healthier (egg whites instead of whole eggs, whole grains, less white carbs) but we don’t want to overly concern our 12-year-old daughter with watching her weight.

Ask Dr. Marla: Is it Too Early to Put My 10-Year-Old Son on a Diet?

Our 10-year-old son is overweight. I know he’s still growing but is it too early to put him on a diet? Without knowing how ‘overweight’ your son is, let me give you some general guidelines. The assumption that he will outgrow the ‘baby fat’ is not true if you don’t...

Do You Know What Your Tween Is Not Eating?

SARAH noticed that her daughter Anne was leaving to go to the bathroom frequently during dinner. This act might have seemed like little more than a urinary tract infection were it not coupled with the performance that encompassed mealtime. “She was making a show of eating, but not much...

Mirror, Mirror

FACE IT: you want your kids to be good looking, don't you? Got girls? If you’re raising a daughter, you probably started fostering her self-esteem from an early age, enthusing over her crayon scribbles and praising her for putting her own socks on. But sooner than you think, she’s fretting...

Top 10 Health Tips

When expectant parents come in to see me just before their baby is born, they often are a cross between excitement and fear of the unknown. The task of raising a baby to be a healthy, productive and happy adult can seem daunting and, I admit, it is. I...

Your Child’s Body Image

Can any woman ever forget her first experience with a bra? Mine was a ‘training bra’, an elasticized contraption that was more medieval torture device than symbol of burgeoning womanhood. I remember wandering self-consciously through the school yard, racked with the pain of this foreign object pressing into my flesh....

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