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Island Lake Lodge Gingerbread Pancakes

Gingerbread isn't exclusive to the holiday season-sweet and hearty pancakes warmed with spice made a perfect weekend brunch at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie - and they shared the recipe.

A toast to healthy snacking

Think of snacks as mini-meals; these nibbles are more than just filler - snacks account for almost a third of kids’ total caloric intake, providing a great opportunity for a nutritional boost. Toast to the rescue! It's easy, versatile, and kids can make it themselves.

Breakfast-for-dinner recipes

Breakfast for dinner can be a lifesaver at the end of a long day, or when you need something good to go. Here are five quick ideas, beyond a bowl of cereal!

Blintzes with Pineapple, Yogurt and Nutella

A sweet twist on a classic breakfast to add joy to your morning. Filled with fresh pineapple, yogurt and Nutella, these stuffed crepes are sure to be a family pleaser.

Bacon-stuffed cornmeal waffles

A snow day is a great excuse to stay in your jammies and make a big deal of breakfast. These cornmeal waffles make a tasty vehicle for crisp bacon. Lie strips directly onto the batter as it cooks. Douse with maple syrup.


Blueberry & White Chocolate Chunk Scones

This is a great basic scone recipe to warm you up on snowy, wintry weekends. Swap other berries, dark chocolate, dried fruit or chopped nuts to do your own thing.

Good-to-Go Banana-Flax Muffins

High in fibre and not too sweet, these moist banana-flax muffins make the perfect start to a busy morning.

Cherry-Banana Muffins

If you're hoarding cherries this summer, they're delicious halved and stirred into a batch of muffins.


If you’re stuck with leftover veggies, meat and potatoes that don’t quite make up a serving, try throwing them into this tasty egg dish.

Apple Fritter Pancakes

Apple rings dipped in pancake batter make delicious apple-filled pancakes - a warming winter breakfast.

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