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Alex Newman shares his story of coming out to his father, broadcaster Kevin Newman, in a new father-son memoir

When award-winning broadcaster Kevin Newman’s son Alex came out at age 17, it prompted them to heal what had become a fractured relationship by writing it down.

Alison Sweeney shares her strategies for raising healthy kids

She and her husband David Sanov live in Los Angeles with their children, Ben, 10 and Megan, six.

Scott McGillivray chats about his growing brand and growing family

We sat down with the successful real estate investor, contractor and entrepreneur to talk about what he loves most about being a dad. 

Kodette Labarbera shares her tips for raising a child with autism

While solo parenting is stressful, Kodette still finds time to promote autism awareness.

Golfer Mike Weir recalls his favourite summer memories

The father of two says his childhood in Sarnia, Ont., set the template for an active outdoor lifestyle in Utah.

Comic Relief: Actor Jonathan Torrens shares his advice on fatherhood

Torrens says smell their head when they're sleeping. It’s the best smell in the world. Doing it while they're awake could be traumatizing.

Actress Sarah Allen chats about being a first-time mom

On the verge of having her first baby, she shares with ParentsCanada her challenges of sticking to the pregnancy rules.

New teen show Game On scores

Star and dad Jonathan Torrens talks about the elusive work-life balance. 


Amy Poehler’s over-the-top ‘birth plan’

Comedian Amy Poehler indulges in some gool ol’ fashioned navel gazing.

Actress Sitara Hewitt on the joys of raising a five-year-old

Sitara Hewitt is known for playing Dr. Rayyan Hamoudi on the CBC hit Little Mosque on the Prairie.

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