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Internet Safety: Don’t throw away your privacy!

Simple things like choosing a complicated password or securing your wireless network can go a long way for maintaining your privacy and your children’s.

Internet Safety: Taking care of your children 101

Ensure your children have the latest facts on safe browsing, identity theft, and how to keep their digital photos private

Internet Safety: The key to learning about your child’s online life

Have you ever wondered what your child gets up to on their laptops or cell phones every day? Do you ever ask that question “what are you doing?” and receive a less than satisfactory response from your teen? Now is the time to approach the elusive subject of the Internet in a non-confrontational way.

Oh babe, I hate to go

Getting used to sitters is important for babies – and parents.

Quality Child Care Quest

If you will eventually need child care for your child, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your options during your maternity leave. Finding the right caregiver for your child takes time and patience. While you look into the options, keep in mind your parenting style, your child’s...

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Family Members as Daycare Providers

Parents say if they can’t be home with their children, then a family member is the next best thing. But it’s not always a perfect solution. What a workday. Your meeting ran late. You missed your train. Now you’ll be lucky if you’re home before dusk. At least you don’t...

Green Daycares

My passion for being environmentally responsible started in childhood with watching how my father treated nature,” says Lorisa Zazular. Today, Lorisa is developing a ‘green’ pilot project for Acadia Daycare at its University of British Columbia (UBC) centre. She says, “It’s really important to ensure that children have an awareness of,...

Inside Child Services

What’s the first thing you think of when you picture a social worker? Perhaps it’s an image of someone, underpaid and burnt out, weary from dealing with drug-addicted mothers and abusive fathers who don’t give a damn about their kids. Perhaps you see them as jaded from witnessing too...

Babysitting for Beginners

Is your tween ready to be the one in charge? Are they really ready to sit? Before your tween takes that first job, outline some of the basic knowledge needed. Does your child know how to… Hold a baby properly? Feed a baby or young child? Change a diaper? Entertain children with...

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