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5 Simple Ways To Live More Sustainably

Learning to live sustainably isn't just an aesthetic choice with bamboo lids and metal straws (it can be, though). It's a conscious lifestyle.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

What does Earth Day mean to you? We asked parents to share how they celebrate the day.

6 tips for encouraging kids to write

Penning letters and jotting down stories and plays are all ways to get your kids to practise writing. (And we bet they won’t even notice.)

Here’s why STEM needs girls

It’s 2018 and science, technology, engineering and math fields are still dominated by men. So why are Canadian girls and women still underrepresented in STEM?

How Microsoft and it’s partners are changing the learning landscape

What parents need to know about the importance of inclusive education.

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Challenge your kids to think outside their comfort zone

The next Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are going to have to come from somewhere…why not from your home?

When corporate meets conservation – A win win

Judging by the number of cat and dog videos on YouTube, people clearly love and care for animals, sometimes more than our fellow humans. In fact, when we hear about animals being orphaned, slicked over by big oil tankers, or caught in floating garbage, we first get angry – then we want to know how we can help.

School advice from parents who have been there, done that

Ever get the feeling that parents of older children know the secrets to school success? We poured them a coffee and asked them to spill the beans.

Creative parent, creative kids?

How a creativity course jump-started one mom’s inspiration.

Why STEM education matters, and what parents can do

Bonnie Schmidt, the founder of Let’s Talk Science, advises a three-pronged approach.


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