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Don’t be afraid of failure

As parents, failure is the thing that scares us most. But failure is the most important teaching tool we have.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

The way Jed Goldberg sees it, Earth Day (April 22) is partly a day for reflection.

Resources for greening your life

Green your life with these resources.

Canadian attitudes towards the environment in flux

You recycle, you buy green and organic when you can, maybe you drive an energy efficient car, but are you really doing all you can to help the environment?

Tales of 3 eco-friendly moms

For some parents, living green comes naturally. For others, the effort, money and compromises are too costly. We can’t all be eco-heroes like these three moms – whose family and friends sometimes fi nd them a little extreme – but they may inspire us to be just a little greener.

5 Simple ways to reduce your environmental impact

Fast food, takeout and disposable everything. We must remember that we may only be one person, but our actions will affect our families, communities and the environment.

Welcome to the Family Sized Blender

Six kids. Five families. One attempt to bring everyone together under a single roof. Welcome to Family Sized Blender.

Turn your kitchen into a science lab

Introduce your kids to the wonders of science, right in your own home.

3 Effective strategies to help kids improve their grades

If your child's struggling in school, there are three common ways you can help.

5 Ways neuroscience will change education

Research done by neuroscientists will affect our kids' education.

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