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Is your kid hoarding things? Here’s how to part with sentimental objects

It can be hard, but it's important to realize the importance of letting go.

Should kids have more freedom?

Honestly, parents were way more chill decades ago. As kids we hung out under the sun, not always under our parents’ watchful eyes. Is summer the season of supervision, or should we let our kids roam until the streetlights come on?

Will swearing in front of my kids %#$* them up?

Deputy editor Lisa Van De Geyn speaks to a child psychologist and potty-mouth parents (*raises hand*) to answer this %#$&*@% question.

The case for putting your marriage before your kids

Parents often feel pressure to put their kids first in all areas of life, but writer Stacy Lee Kong learns why prioritizing your relationship with your partner is good for the whole family.

Is it OK to kiss your kids on the lips?

So, is kissing your kids on the lips gross or OK? Two parents and an expert weigh in.

Why nutrition advice from Hollywood should be taken with a grain of salt

For many of us, pop culture has become a guide for healthy living.

Explore new ways kids can learn about STEM

New Year's resolutions are great, but we here at ParentsCanada think that new ways to learn should also make the list.

Quiz: What colour is your parenting medal?

Olympic athletes have to keep their cool and perform their best when the pressure is on. How well do you keep your composure in typical parenting situations? Take our quiz to find out.

Parents, Can You Tell The Difference Between An Internet Troll and a Cyberbully?

Tips on how to avoid cyberbullies and stay safe online.

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