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One parent learns to embrace her inner hockey mom

Cold mornings at arenas and weekend tournaments weren’t part of this parent’s reality, until she agreed to help out.

Lay the foundation for an active life

In today’s society, participation in physical activity isn’t very high on the daily list of priorities, even though we all know the amazing benefits of heart-pumping activity like increased fitness, reduced risk of chronic disease, and improved mental health and well-being.

Family Sun Care Tips

At Duracell we believe in powering good all around. We also understand how important it is for kids to be kids, even in the midst of illness, and that something as simple as a new working toy or game can help make a child's hospital stay a little brighter.
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Keep your child visible and safe in all conditions

Janice Biehn, Editor of ParentsCanada, recently tested out a new product perfect for Halloween!  The Albedo100 Reflective Sprays are designed to keep your child visible and safe in all conditions.  Not only are they safe for your child, but also odorless, rain resistant and easy to wash off.

Packing the Perfect Picnic

But picnics are making a comeback - instead of jockeying for position on the patio, go find yourself a patch of grass. You'd be surprised how many foods are perfectly portable.

There’s no place like YPT — Wizard of Oz closes theatre’s 50th season

This is a full-on musical with clever and exhausting choreography, beautiful musical arrangements for a small on-stage ensemble, and even some panto-inspired moments from a scene-stealing Wicked Witch of the West. 


Tips to take your indoor fitness outside

Spring has sprung! Time to come out of hibernation and embrace the fresh air. Try ditching these indoor activities for some new outdoor ones.

Five compelling short films bridge the generation gap

One of the best parts about TIFF Kids is the ability to see short films from around the world, often with the filmmakers in the room. The collections are always a diverse offering yet adhere to a theme. This year’s Learning from Me program brings together two documentaries and three narrative films under the umbrella of how elders and children can come together to learn and teach each other.

Castles, kids and secret codes make this Dutch mystery fun to watch

This big-budget Dutch film is a crowd-pleaser and making its Canadian premiere at this year’s TIFF Kids International Film Festival. With more castles and intrigue that you can shake a sword at, Code M was highly entertaining for me and my 11-year-old goddaughter.

Tips on what to do with your family on March Break in Toronto

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada, offers tips on what to do with your family on March Break.

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