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Technology can help kids stay connected to grandparents

A growing number of apps, websites and games offer opportunities for long-distance grandparents and grandchildren to go beyond conversation and engage remotely in educational activities and play.

ParentsCanada proud to sponsor Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons

Building on their success from last year’s inaugural season, two Oakville moms are continuing to encourage families to spend active time together outdoors this summer.

Tie-dye paintings and carnation creations

These crafts are all about having fun with filters. 

A poignant way to celebrate Mother’s Day

Not only does Meagan’s Walk raise awareness for pediatric brain tumours, it also raises money – to date more than $3.1 million.

Shop for produce in your own backyard

Aside from the benefits of healthy eating, gardening is a great way to burn calories. Plus, growing your produce at home will save you money.

Rock Art Cacti (and a Home Décor Craft for the Grownups!)

Take a leisurely family stroll along a nearby shoreline to collect a variety of water-tumbled stones. Small ones are easy to paint and create a scene, larger ones make an ideal dip-dyed doorstop.


Revelstoke revs up for families

Once only a draw for adventure skiers, Revelstoke Mountain Resort now has more to offer both beginners and kids. 

Embracing the snow with a winter stay at The Briars

I am not a fan of the snow. Basically, snow is my enemy. But I have a three-year-old, so I am trying to embrace it.

Quick and easy pompoms

Here’s an easy way to create pompoms for use on any kid or adult craft projects. Tie them onto a throw cushion for a personal touch, or run pipe cleaners through them to help your child create this fuzzy creature. Pompoms also make great zipper pulls and toque toppers!

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