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Easy peasy gift ideas for mom

Winning gift ideas to get you on mom’s good side.

How to have a great Mother’s Day

These tips can help you have a well-deserved and relaxing Mother's Day.

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day

You've bought gifts for everyone else, so how about treating yourself this Mother's Day.

6 alternative Easter gift ideas

Forget those chocolate eggs and classic Easter eggs and celebrate Easter differently this year. Check out these six unique Easter gift ideas to give your kids a hoppin' good time. ...

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at School

We all remember what it was like to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school. You would make cards for your friends and hope that all your friends remembered to write one for you! Celebrating Valentine’s Day at school can be such a fun tradition, but you must tread carefully. “I like...

Holiday Time Saving Tips

ParentsCanada has teamed up with Trish Magwood, award-winning author of In My Mother’s Kitchen, to bring you her top five holiday time-saving tips.

7 Affordable gift-giving trends

With the economy still in the doldrums, seasonal madness is subsiding. As you start to plan your Christmas list, consider some of these gift-giving trends.

How to make a creative birthday party loot bag

Coming up with creative ideas for your child's birthday party is a tough job. Watch Tracie Wagman show you how to make it easier with some simple, creative loot bag options. 

Momsense: Fete Accomplished – How to throw a stress-free birthday party

From the simple days of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey to lavish car-racing and princess “spa” themes, kids’ birthday parties have swelled to become fodder for reality television. Perhaps because of these tough economic times, or a desire to trim the excess, parents seem to be reverting back to the homespun birthday parties of our youth. Personally, we are happy to...

Raising Davis: Keeping tabs on the holidays

Christmas is huge in our family and that translates to a series of work-back schedules and to-do lists. I already have dusted off the Christmas binder for 2011. No kidding!  There really is a big red binder. It has tabs and everything. The first tab is for Christmas lists – I am a big believer in getting...

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