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How you and your family can conquer clutter

If you’re guilty of shoving toys into closets when company arrives and buying things twice because you can’t find the original, you could be teaching your children to be packrats. “When you’re not there enough, you buy a lot of toys and a lot of clothing because toys and clothing

Tech tools to make your home smarter

As your kids get ready for bac k-to-school, it’s time to boost your home’s IQ, too.

5 more tips for yard sale success

As the ice begins to thaw and warmer weather beckons on the horizon, many of us begin spring-cleaning. This year, as you purge your home of outgrown clothes and toys and remove bulky furniture, why not try something new and host a Yard Sale for the Cure with proceeds benefiting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Jennifer Varner: Mompreneur keeps on giving

Jennifer Varner, mom of four and Founder and CEO of Pure-Ecommerce.com, provides her tips and tricks for being a successful mompreneur.

Find a new home for your old baby stuff

Looking for a place in Edmonton to get rid of your old baby and kids stuff? Here is a guide to getting rid of it, whether you want to make a few bucks or donate it all.

Pick the right pet for your family

Adding an animal to your family can be a wonderful way to teach children about responsibility.

5 tips to hold a successful yard sale

Throw out the old, while earning money, by holding a yard sale.

15 Wallet-friendly ways to be green

With Earth Day around the corner (April 22, 2012) thinking green seems to be on everyone’s mind. Sure, powering down for an hour is great, but what about the rest of the year? Fortunately, we found a few easy ways to protect the environment without breaking the bank.  Your wallet...

Preserving the planet: Teaching kids about being green

Passing on the sustainability torch to our children can help us preserve our planet. Earth Day can be a great way to introduce children to environmental awareness, but how can we keep them involved all year long? The good news is if you are looking to increase your children’s awareness...

3 ways to save water when doing laundry

On average, Canadians do 260 full loads of laundry annually. That works out to an average of 40,000 litres of water down the drain. According to BC Hydro, switching to cold water reduces your carbon footprint by as much as 240 kg in one year. Using a high efficiency...

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