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How I amaze my kids and reduce, reuse and recycle

I’m not the type of girl who ever shopped at Goodwill in high school, even though used $2 shirts were all the rage when I was in Grade 10. I never bought a thing from a garage sale or even borrowed clothes from friends. That’s why I’m completely shocked...

It’s not easy being a green parent

You want to live a green, eco-friendly lifestyle. Along comes baby, and suddenly just making it through the day can take higher priority than composting, making your own cleaning solutions or checking whether a particular can of tuna is ocean-friendly, contains mercury or is leeching toxins.  Vancouver’s Stephanie Lauzon recalls...

Is it time to come clean about the cleaning lady?

Moments before my husband is due home, I adjust my position on the sofa from one expressing languid relaxation to one implying grace under pressure. My freshly washed hair is fanned across the armrest, and, as his key turns in the lock, I fling an arm limply across my...

Green Living is the place to be

Ever wonder what to do with your old electronics besides the neighbourhood dump? Now you can clear out the clutter with this great initiative from Samsung and Sears. Between March 10 and April 7, 2012 you can drop your electronics off at participating Sears locations (see list below). Best of...

Holiday Time Saving Tips

ParentsCanada has teamed up with Trish Magwood, award-winning author of In My Mother’s Kitchen, to bring you her top five holiday time-saving tips.

Reuse, Recycle, Repeat: Greening Your Parenthood

Last night you got three hours sleep. Laundry piles have reached a new high and you’ve been sporting the same T-shirt/ jean combo, accessorized with baby spit-up, for weeks. Your little one has decided the grocery store is a perfect place for yet another diaper explosion. Checking out, the mom next to you gives you a sideways glance as you pack your disposable diapers and earth-unfriendly cleaners into your plastic bag. At this point, the last thing...

Keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween

From keeping pets comfortable in costumes to ensuring they are safe while hitting the streets, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) provides owners with tips and products to keep pets safe and happy this Halloween.

Momsense: How to de-clutter your life

Do you spend too much time chasing your tail? These organizational tips will help you save time and stress.

Organizational tips

Watch Kerri Lewin of clutterbug.ca show you time saving tips for food prep, schedules and more.

Family Mealtime

Is eating dinner together a quaint relic of the past or an essential daily nutrient for your family? There was once a time when the traditional dinner hour was a given – mother proudly carried steaming dishes to the table, dad carved the beef, and kids minded their manners. The...

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