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Why Did Teaching My Sons The Word ‘Vagina’ Feel So Awkward?

I had no problem teaching my sons the term penis. However, when my son asked what the female genitals were called, I was horror-struck and couldn’t get the word vagina to come out of my mouth.

20+ Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with one of these cute gifts for kids.

15+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Parents

It doesn't matter if it's a gift for your love, a gift for your pal or a gift for yourself. Here are our fave Valentine's Day goodies.

12 Black History Month Books For Kids

These books touch on tough topics that remain pertinent today. Read them with your kids to help start a conversation during Black History Month and beyond.

Want to Make Virtual School More Sustainable? Adjust the Expectations

For families across the country, virtual school is a serious challenge. But we could make it easier if we adjust the expectations.

How Dads Are Updating The Script On Fatherhood

It wasn't so long ago that fatherhood had a straight-up Don Draper mentality. Now, more and more dads are flipping the script on their expected roles, taking paternity leave, being stay-at-home dads and pushing away breadwinner expectations.

5 fun ways to keep your family active this winter

It’s tempting to want to move your workouts indoors in the winter, but there are lots of ways to get exercise outside when the temperature drops. (And trust us, your kids will want to get in on these activities, too!)

Tips To Make Mornings Easier

Morning preparations are generally best started the day before. A little planning and a sound mind (even if it’s not an entirely sane mind at dawn) will keep your mornings running more smoothly.

Eggnog Tiramisu

Celebrate this holiday season with a festive twist on a creamy and delicious classic. This eggnog tiramisu not only tastes delicious, but visually stuns with its intricate layers Ingredients 10 egg yolks1 cup (250 mL) sugar6 tbsp (89 mL) rum...

Super-Easy Edible Holiday Crafts

Looking for a fun, festive craft to do with the kids? Try one of these easy, adorable activities (or snacktivities, if you will) from super-crafter Denise Wild and Metro. Candy Cane Cuties Ingredients: Candy canes Marshmallows Real Fruit Gummies M&Ms Reese Miniatures Green Decorating Icing Instructions: Remove the wrapper from your candy...

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