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Parenthood: An Unconventional Story Of Siblings, Surrogacy And Selflessness

Eric and Danielle have been together for 13 years and have recently welcomed their first children, twin girls. The couple is overjoyed—especially when they remember the struggles they experienced along the way.

F is for Friends

We loved the small elementary school our girls attended, but one of the disadvantages was is that their peer groups were small, too. If they didn’t like the kids in their class, they were pretty much out of luck.


Coping with holiday gift giving (and four birthdays)

You think you bought a lot of stuff this week – four of our six kids have birthdays on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. Here's how we cope.

Welcome to the Family Sized Blender

Six kids. Five families. One attempt to bring everyone together under a single roof. Welcome to Family Sized Blender.

My Toddler Hates Me

When baby number two arrives on the scene, Mom gets the big snub. With the recent birth of my second son, Josh, I was fully prepared … or so I thought. We had a bassinet, baby clothes laundered in sensitive detergent all folded and ready to go in his new...

When One Child Is Enough

Where is it written that a family must have more than one child? About 43 percent of Canadian families are raising an only child, and yet the only child is still misunderstood and much maligned.  As an only child raising an ‘only’, not a week goes by without someone...

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