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The 10 rules for a great life – #9 Appreciate

What does "appreciation" really mean anyway? Here's what I think and how I'm instilling it in my kids.

The 10 rules for a great life – #8 understand others

It's more than empathy, more than acceptance -- it's the single biggest thing our kids should do when thinking about others.

The 10 rules for a great life – Rule #7: Say what you need

Want to ensure your kids have good careers, good marriages and good lives? Start by instilling this concept...

The 10 rules for a great life – Rule #6: Be ready for anything

You know life is wildly unpredictable, you’ve lived it. So how do you help a growing child to understand, accept and thrive through the turbulence?

Rule #5: Care about important things

Got a teen who only seems to care about video games. Me too. Here's what I'm doing about it.

Rules #3 “Try” and #4 “Try again”

What’s the real secret to success in life? Try. Then try again.

Rule #2: Teach your kids about how to figure out a process

Teach your kids how to build processes - from To Do lists to math worksheets, and life gets a whole lot easier.

Rule #1: Teach your kids how to breathe

As adults, yoga teachers and psychologists drill us on the importance of deep breathing to address stress, control anxiety and get more out of exercise, I believe deep breathing is even more important for kids.

The 10 rules to teach my children for a great life

See that photo of my daughter? Yep. She got an academic achievement award when she graduated Grade 8 a few months back. And while she's a super smartie, I think a lot about what will keep that smile on her face, and it doesn't specifcally relate to the classroom.

How to vacation with 5 kids and a budget

We did a road trip most of our six kids -- and we learned how to save some money (and sanity) along the way.

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