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Soup Sisters Call-out for Kids’ Recipes

This fall, the Soup Sisters are releasing their third cookbook - a compilation of recipes contributed by Canadian kids. If you're between the ages of 8-16, they want to hear from you!

The ONLY thing I really want for my kids (and why it makes a huge difference to the way I parent)

Don't panic! The secret to parenting? Understanding what the REAL end goal is.

The 10 Rules for a great life – #10 Cultivate joy

If I only had one rule for life, this would be it.   Cultivate joy.   This is my own personal mission statement (yeah, yeah), a two-word reason for being that I use to measure every single major life decision I’ve got. So far, it’s worked out pretty well.   To me, if you can...

The 10 rules for a great life – #9 Appreciate

What does "appreciation" really mean anyway? Here's what I think and how I'm instilling it in my kids.

The 10 rules for a great life – #8 understand others

It's more than empathy, more than acceptance -- it's the single biggest thing our kids should do when thinking about others.

The 10 rules for a great life – Rule #7: Say what you need

Want to ensure your kids have good careers, good marriages and good lives? Start by instilling this concept...

The 10 rules for a great life – Rule #6: Be ready for anything

You know life is wildly unpredictable, you’ve lived it. So how do you help a growing child to understand, accept and thrive through the turbulence?

Rule #5: Care about important things

Got a teen who only seems to care about video games. Me too. Here's what I'm doing about it.

Rules #3 “Try” and #4 “Try again”

What’s the real secret to success in life? Try. Then try again.

Rule #2: Teach your kids about how to figure out a process

Teach your kids how to build processes - from To Do lists to math worksheets, and life gets a whole lot easier.

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