Home Food 30 Minute meals

Ranch Chicken Tenders

The air fryer does the bulk of the work in these crispy, perfectly seasoned chicken bites. Make extra to stash away for lunch tomorrow. Extra ranch to dip, please.

Baked Fish And Chips

Ditch the deep fryer and try a healthy, easy version of fish and chips. This family favourite is ready in less than 30 minutes.

Thai Red Curry Chicken With Vegetables

This flavourful stir-fry can be made in less than 30 minutes, making it perfect for busy weeknights. Serve with jasmine or basmati rice to soak up the amazing sauce.

Crispy Shrimp With Asian Coleslaw

How do these shrimp get so crispy? A light dusting of cornstarch along with a few dry spices. Simple, right?  This dinner is ready in less than 20 minutes.  


Quick Butter Chicken and Butter Chicken Baked Potatoes

Who doesn’t love butter chicken? It comes together more quickly than you might think, making it perfect comfort food for a busy weeknight.

Traditional Pot Roast and Cottage Pie

Once reserved for special occasion suppers, a slowly braised pot roast is the perfect fall comfort food. It requires minimal prep – the oven does most of the work, transforming an inexpensive cut of meat into a tender, flavourful meal, with veggies simmered on the side. Slide it into...

Maple Cedar Planked Salmon and Veggies

Planked salmon is simple to prepare, the plank acting as a buffer between the delicate fish and intense heat of the grill while infusing the meat with flavour as it smoulders.

Sheet pan roasted chicken thighs & veggies and easy leftover curry

One of the easiest ways to get dinner done in a hurry is to cook it all in one pot – or spread it out on a rimmed baking sheet to roast in the oven.

Sloppy Joes with Red Lentils

Sloppy Joes are a weeknight dinner favourite - this version gets a fibre boost with red lentils!

Sausage Hoagies and Sausage Pepper Pasta

These hearty sandwiches are a riff on the classic Philly Cheesesteak, only with sausages in the leading role; the recipe doubles easily for larger families (or appetites), and leftovers can be quickly transformed into a hearty pasta sauce the next day.

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