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Healthy Me Week: Day 2

Keep your child active, healthy and media smart with ParentsCanada's tips and recipes.

Healthy Me Week: Day 1

Keep your child active, healthy and media smart with ParentsCanada's tips and recipes. Find out more about what Healthy Me Week is about. ...

Vegetarian kids: They’re not so rare

Are you one of the growing number of meat-eating families with a youngster who suddenly shuns animal products? Young vegetarians seem to be sprouting up among the carnivores more and more. While a child’s motivation for avoiding animal products may be different than those of adults, your kids’ concerns...

Raising a child who’s a vegetarian

When my son decided he was not going to eat meat again, I had no idea what we would be in for.  Dylan is only five and a half, yet our son has been able to articulate a convincing answer when asked why he has decided to become a vegetarian....

What does the ‘Health Check’ symbol mean?

Kim Arrey, Dietitian, explains what the 'Health Check' symbol means and tips for finding healthy options in the grocery store.

Do bread and other grain products tie your tummy in knots?

Do bread and other grain products tie your tummy in knots? Gluten may be the culprit.

Tips for taming the ravenous eater

It's better for your child's health that they don't gobble down their food. Here are some tips to get them to slow down during meal time.

When your child wants to eat everything in sight

Parents know childhood obesity is on the rise. But what do you do if your kid’s appetite is impossible to satisfy?

Being label conscious: How to read nutrition labels

There are many claims made in big, bright print on the front of food packages, but don’t be fooled. Your best source of information is the nutrition label.

Ask Dr. Marla: How can I get rid of post-baby belly fat?

Question: I have four children, ages 10, 8, 5 and 3. I am 5’2, 109 pounds and 40 years of age. I have always weighed 100 pounds. Lately, I have noticed that my stomach is now having rolls of fat and it looks like I am two months pregnant. (I have taken the...

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