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Ask Dr. Marla: Do nutrition label recommendations apply to babies?

Question: Nutrition labels are usually based on 2,000- calorie-a-day diets. Is this true for the labels on baby food? Should I be dividing the amounts by two for my three year-old (who should eat 1,000 calories a day) and by four for my one year- old (who should eat 500 calories a day)? Answer: The levels on labels of infant and toddler food are adjusted....

Video: Reading nutrition labels in the cereal aisle

Food labels can be confusing - ParentsCanada magazine and Parent Talk TV explain how to cut through the clutter and find out what is really important to know about what cereals you're eating.

Sodium: How much is enough?

Sodium is an essential element of our diet. Having salt in our diet is important; the challenge lies in knowing how much is enough, and how much is too much.

Ask Dr. Marla: Is there danger in drinking too much juice?

Question: I try to get my 10-year-old daughter to eat five to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, but it’s hard to do. My husband wants her to drink more fruit juice, but she prefers milk. I heard that too much juice leads to too...

Give your kids their daily fruit servings in a smoothie

Get your kids to slurp up their daily fruit servings, and maybe a little more.

Teacher Talk Back: Let’s face it, our kids are fat

Parents and teachers must work together to improve physical fitness levels. Thirty years ago as a rookie teacher, teaching an overweight child was rare and obese children were the exception. Fast forward to 2011. Stand on a playground, school yard, or in your child’s classroom. You will immediately notice that...

Why the family needs a fibre-rich diet

The “bran” jokes seem to start when we turn 40, but getting enough fibre is just as important to your child’s health as it is to yours.

Probiotics: The good bacteria

Probiotics are now mainstream – we can get them in our yogurt, juices, soymilk and even chewing gum. But do we need them and are they safe?

Give Peas a Chance

Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating recommends eating meat alternatives such as peas, beans and lentils on a regular basis. A 175 ml serving of hummus (mashed chickpeas) or canned navy beans equals one serving. Legumes have double the protein of grain products, but unlike meat products, they are...

Mother and daughter duo lose weight on TV

A mother and daughter turn to a television program to help them shed pounds, and become healthier.

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