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When is a Hot Dog not a Hot Dog?

FRANK TALK When is a hot dog not a hot dog? When it doesn’t include nitrates, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Father of two and Toronto entrepreneur Matthew von Teichman found that out the hard way when his company, Life Choices, began the packaging approval process for its...

Ask Dr. Marla: Missing Breakfast

Question: My 12-year old daughter has a healthy appetite except in the morning. If we’re lucky, she’ll have a glass of juice before she heads to school. I don’t want to turn it into a power struggle. Is it OK to let it go? Answer: The breakfast struggle can be daunting when...

Black-market junk food hits schools

With schools cracking down on unhealthy foods, some kids are taking advantage of the situation.

Is your child’s weight grading your parenting?

Does your child's weight reflect poorly on your parenting skills?

Do You Know What Your Tween Is Not Eating?

SARAH noticed that her daughter Anne was leaving to go to the bathroom frequently during dinner. This act might have seemed like little more than a urinary tract infection were it not coupled with the performance that encompassed mealtime. “She was making a show of eating, but not much...

Learning to Live with Food Allergies

On an average day in late September 2003, in Pembroke, Ontario, Sabrina Shannon, 13, sat down to lunch in her high school cafeteria. Within minutes she was in the throes of a severe anaphylactic reaction, and died before staff could retrieve her EpiPen from her locker. The cause of...

Prevent diabetes later by eating better, sooner

Today it is reasonable to assume that there are perhaps 20,000 people in Canada under the age of 20 living with the disease. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ask the dietitian: Staying healthy when eating drive-thru

Our family loves fast food, and quite frankly, we just don’t have time to cook every night. What choices should we make at those drive-thrus to stay healthy?

Ask the dietician: How to read food nutrition labels

Standing reading each label before tossing it into your grocery cart can seem daunting. 

Choices you make can impact your child’s weight and health

Since the late 80s, the rate of obesity in youth 12 to 17 has tripled from three percent to nine percent.

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