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The Number One Reason Your Family Should Take Omega-3

Tips why Omega-3s are a must-have nutrient in your family’s diet.

Ask a Dietitian: Tips on fruit and veggie costs and preparations

Eating more produce packed with nutrients and assorted health-promoting compounds offers a variety of perks including easier weight management and a decreased likelihood of developing many chronic diseases.

Nutrition recommendations for infants from six to 24 months

Not only have the suggested foods changed, but also when to begin feeding solids.

Our favourite fitness gear for spring workouts

Hit the gym with this must-have fitness gear.

Ask a dietitian: Should I be opting for whole milk and other full-fat dairy products for my family?

For children two and under, whole dairy milk is definitely recommended but for the rest of us, youngsters included, eating less saturated fat is still advised.

Time to sound the alarm (clock) on kids’ inactivity

If you think kids can get a little exercise and then slack off in front of screens until the wee hours, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Lay the foundation for an active life

In today’s society, participation in physical activity isn’t very high on the daily list of priorities, even though we all know the amazing benefits of heart-pumping activity like increased fitness, reduced risk of chronic disease, and improved mental health and well-being.

Ask a Dietitian: Are fibre-rich foods as important for kids as they are for adults?

Including fibre may not only affect children’s health during childhood but it may help to prevent disease later in life.

Make Healthy Me Week a catalyst for change in your home

A new survey of more than 1,500 ParentsCanada readers shows that almost three-quarters consider themselves role models for healthy living for their children. But many face challenges such as cost and lack of time when it comes to being active, eating well and managing a healthy lifestyle.

Balance your meals better with more fibre

As a typical, busy parent, you’re on the go much of the time, shuttling kids from one activity to the next, taking care of errands, working and – if you’re lucky – playing, too. In all this hustle and bustle, your diet can suffer. And one of the first nutrients to feel the brunt is fibre.

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