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Childhood obesity and inactivity

We cannot influence the outcome without defining the start. 


Nutrition Month focuses on the daily impact of eating healthy

Balanced menus can make a huge difference in well-being and productivity, both for kids and parents alike.

Shake up your fitness routine with these inspiring workouts for the new year

If your New Year’s Resolution was to get in shape, you might want to set your sights on some fun new workouts that are sure to keep you motivated and on track all year long.

Broccoli and greens make a comeback

Canadians report new favourite foods to stay healthy and happy this winter.

Why are some food dyes banned in some countries, but not Canada

Research confirms that artificial food dyes can negatively affect some children’s behaviour, but labelling in Canada is slow to catch up.


Why a balanced breakfast is still key for children and adults

Recent studies may claim the morning meal isn't that important, but a balanced breakfast still comes out on top.

One mom’s picky eater battle with veggies

And so began my mission to introduce vegetables – real ones – to Eric’s daily menu.


Understanding protein as part of a well-balanced diet

Protein is a hot topic nowadays, especially as countless people shy away from carbs.


Hungry children may lose up to three months of learning time each year, survey says

No one understands the impact not eating breakfast has on students in the classroom more than teachers, which is why Kellogg’s went straight to the experts for their most recent survey.

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