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Slowcooker Chicken Chili

Let the slowcooker do the hard work for you with this hearty, comforting chili. Toasting the spices just before adding them helps boost their flavour, lending more dimension to the dish.

Curried Sweet Potato, Carrot and Red Lentil Soup with Ginger

This mellow sweet potato soup is low in fat yet loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals and is particularly high in beta-carotene. Red lentils contribute protein. Bonus: they don’t need to be presoaked. Just toss them split in half straight into the soup and cook along with the vegetables.


White bean and smoked turkey kale soup

For a different take on ham and bean soup try smoked turkey instead. Paired with white beans and kale it's a winner of a soup.

White bean and leek soup

For a robust White Bean and Leek Soup with an amazing depth of flavor - break out the crockpot. Dinner should always be this easy!

Black bean soup

Super easy, inexpensive, naturally gluten free and vegan, this crockpot black bean soup might just be your new favorite soup.

Spring Green Soup

Soup is the perfect vehicle for wilting leaves (which are less suitable for salads).

Real Food Fast: Roast chicken with potatoes & veggies and Homemade chicken soup

There are few meals that deliver such high rewards for minimal effort than a roast chicken. Best of all, every bird comes with a free batch of homemade stock, perfect for chicken soup.

Apple and Parsnip Soup

This smooth soup is perfect for cool weather sipping. Apples add sweetness and acidity to winter squash and humble root vegetables like parsnips (those things that look like large white carrots).

Soup Sisters Call-out for Kids’ Recipes

This fall, the Soup Sisters are releasing their third cookbook - a compilation of recipes contributed by Canadian kids. If you're between the ages of 8-16, they want to hear from you!

How to Pack a Winter Picnic

Winter is a great time to pack a picnic - here are some tips to make your food good to go, whether you're heading out to skate, ski, snowshoe or just experience the great (cold) outdoors.

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