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Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

Wintery butternut squash soup, sweetened with maple syrup and a pear, is perfect for festive gatherings or weeknight meals, and is ideal for sipping from a mug après-ski, or when doing homework.

Ham, potato & cheddar chowder

If you have leftover ham in your fridge, here's a delicious way to use it up - even a small amount goes a long way to add flavour to a pot of soup, and goes so well with potatoes and cheddar.

Free-for-all curry

Curries make great fridge cleaners – they can be made using any number of ingredients, from meat to veggies to seafood.

Irish stew with stout & parsley dumplings

Not only is a hearty Irish stew perfectly simple to put together, it's satisfying to have the house warmed with the aroma of something delicious simmering when it's cold outside, and it tastes divine.

Carrot, sweet potato and red lentil soup with orange and ginger

Carrots, sweet potato and orange juice provide a triple whammy of vitamin C, while lentils boost fibre and protein.

Chicken Tom Ka Gai soup

This steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup has a Thai twist; easy-to-digest rice noodles in a broth spiked with fresh chilies, ginger, garlic and bright lemon is a perfect cure for the sniffles.

Chicken, chickpea and mushroom curry

A curry can be made with any number of ingredients; leave out the mushrooms if you like, or replace them with diced sweet potato or a chopped red pepper.

6 Healthy soup recipes to fend off the flu

These six soup recipes pack a powerful nutritional punch, just what your children's immune systems need to take on flu season.

Pressure cooker beef stew

Any beef stew can be streamlined by using the pressure cooker - try your own favourite recipe, sealing the pot and simmering under pressure for about 1/3 of the time you would normally cook it.

Tomato and peanut soup with sweet potato and chickpeas

This deliciously hearty soup combines tomatoes, sweet potatoes and chickpeas with peanut butter for a rich, nutty consistency.

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