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9 tips for hosting a stress-free, maybe-even-fun holiday dinner

Being the host with the most doesn't need to be a drag. Enlist the help of your family and guests to help hosting become a stress-free event.

The science of TLC

A Q&A with Dr. Paul Roumeliotis.

Do New Year’s resolutions work?

52% of Canadians say yes!

Editor’s Letter: Words of Wisdom

Assembling your support team of friends and family is crucial to being a successful and happy parent.


Why I’m fed up with wish lists

It seems like gift-giving has become all about crossing something off someone’s list, rather than taking joy and care in choosing a gift.

Why my family gets the flu shot

Every year the flu vaccine seems to be a lightning rod for controversy. There are always some parents who are uncertain it’s necessary. I hear parents say their kids have never had the flu, so they don’t see the need. Or that it’s only really necessary for seniors. Or that the flu shot will make them sick.  But what is certain is that children are among the most susceptible to be hospitalized with the flu.

Meet our November cover model Hudson

Find out more about our November cover model, Hudson and Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

In search of balance

Did you resolve to have more balance in your life in 2013? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Parenting is such a balancing act it’s a wonder we don’t all find ourselves in sprawled like a starfish in a safety net most days. Here are some of the...

On your mark, get set… holidays!

Right about now the frenzy begins. It’s like a starter’s pistol is fired at the beginning of December and us moms start racing towards the holidays. For me, that race includes directing a nativity play, singing in a choir, mingling at a work cocktail party, attending a company dinner...

Do you know the signs of bullying?

It seems barely a day goes by that another horrible story of bullying or cyberbullying doesn’t take hold of the national media. Despite school programs, public and private sector initiatives and even government intervention, bullying continues. In support of the 10th annual National Bullying Awareness Week (November 12–17), ParentsCanada.com will...

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