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5 fun ways to keep your family active this winter

It’s tempting to want to move your workouts indoors in the winter, but there are lots of ways to get exercise outside when the temperature drops. (And trust us, your kids will want to get in on these activities, too!)

Teaching Kids How To Not Spread Germs

Kids love to share, well, everything. But when it comes to germs, keep'em to yourself! That's easier said than done. We have tips to help.

Wash your hands with The Wiggles

Scrub those hands nice and clean and have some fun while you're at it. The Wiggles will help you to get it done.

Turn these 6 nasty hygiene habits into good ones

Teaching hygiene to your kids may seem like a losing battle, but here are ways to deal with the worst offenders.

5 benefits to becoming a family that runs

Want to get out and exercise as a family? Why not try going for a run? 

When is a healthy time to eat dinner?

Family meals are indeed key for good health, both physical and mental. After all, it is an opportunity for sharing the day’s events. The timing, though, may be a problem.

Ask the Expert: What causes cold sores?

Everything you need to know about those pesky cold sores.

How to handle your child’s eczema

Does winter bring on the itch? Here’s how to tell if your little one has eczema, and how to handle it.

Tips to help keep your child active

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, talks about some tips to get your child to stay active.

Alison Sweeney shares her strategies for raising healthy kids

She and her husband David Sanov live in Los Angeles with their children, Ben, 10 and Megan, six.

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