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Got A Shy Child? Here’s How To Help

If your child is uncomfortable socializing with the other children, she may be shy. Here's how to help her climb out of her shell.

Does your kid get jealous when you don’t give them all your attention?

Although most parents worry about not giving their children enough attention, giving too much attention has its drawbacks too.

Is your kid hoarding things? Here’s how to part with sentimental objects

It can be hard, but it's important to realize the importance of letting go.

How to help your child handle stage fright

Kids often get nervous in front of crowds, but facing the fear can help.

Teaching our kids that winning isn’t everything

It's OK for your kids to know you win some, you lose some.

How to make the most out of play time

Freestyle play has many benefits for kids, but it doesn’t always come naturally to grown ups.

Bringing a new partner with kids into your family requires sensitivity

Most parents are understandably worried about the transition from single parent and kids to two parental figures and possibly more kids.

What to do when your little one is slow to potty-train

Parents, remember how important it is not to shame or punish your children about bedwetting or accidents. Be patient.

How to get a handle on holiday stress

Are your holidays brimming with joy or teeming with anxiety?

How to communicate with your child’s teacher

Establish a productive relationship with your child’s teacher from day one.

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