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How to handle those dreaded temper tantrums

Temper tantrums come in different shapes and sizes. From a quick foot stomping to a major meltdown, and everything in between.

Got A Shy Child? Here’s How To Help

If your child is uncomfortable socializing with the other children, she may be shy. Here's how to help her climb out of her shell.

Does your kid get jealous when you don’t give them all your attention?

Although most parents worry about not giving their children enough attention, giving too much attention has its drawbacks too.

Teaching our kids that winning isn’t everything

It's OK for your kids to know you win some, you lose some.

How to make the most out of play time

Freestyle play has many benefits for kids, but it doesn’t always come naturally to grown ups.

Make a plan for summer that will benefit everyone

A mix of down time, structured activities and family time benefits everyone.

Help Me Sara: Does my child need therapy?

Sometimes counselling – for children and parents – can go a long way.

Help Me Sara: My kids can’t stand to be seen with me

What to do when your kids can't stand to be seen with you.

Help Me Sara: My child likes to tattle tale

Is your little one a junior spy? Here's how to manage tattle tales.

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