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How to deal with an angry toddler

If you're like most parents, one of your goals is to maintain and restore peace within your home as quickly after an eruption as possible.

Help Me Sara: Are kids really incapable?

Is your child really incapable of some tasks, or just brilliant at playing dumb?

Help Me Sara: How can I help my children develop patience?

Developing patience and delaying gratification takes time.

Help Me Sara: When baby plays favourites

Parents aren’t the only ones who can play favourites.

Help Me Sara – Learning to say sorry

Saying ‘I’m sorry’ because you’ve been told to is merely an act of compliance. How do you make it mean something?

Help Me Sara – How to deal with overbearing relatives

When well meaning relatives spoil your little one, how do you tactfully tell them to stop?

Help Me Sara: my child wants to walk to school by herself

Your child wants to walk to school alone, so do you think he or she is ready, and – more importantly – are you?

Help Me Sara: Should we consider spanking our child?

Although we know that spanking is not the ideal way to deal with difficult behaviour, we find that this is often the only thing that works. Help me Sara!

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